About us

Quality is the only way

Sten Persson, Nils Jönsson and Evald Nilsson founded in 1971 the mill which would be developed to Skåne-möllan. The idea was simple: to become an alternative to the big meal providers. We set out to become a personal provider of high quality products, and a high level of service. The beginning was tough, but the idea was strong and eventually won justified success.

Today Skåne-möllan is considered as a stable and reliable supplier of high-quality meal with excellent features.  The company has 25 employees and an annual turnover of approximately SEK 180 million.
To ensure the quality Skåne-möllan works with contract growers who grows the grain by our wishes.

The company is since July 1998 listed on the Stock Exchange and our shares are traded on First North.