About Skåne-möllan

The innovative Swedish mill

Skåne-möllan is located in the middle of rolling grain fields in Tågarp located in the south of Sweden. Ever since the start in 1972, we have been producing high-quality flour and developing tailor-made products. Personal commitment and a flexible production line have made our small-scale mill an interesting alternative, or complement, to the larger flour suppliers.

Continuously looking ahead

Today we are one of the leading Swedish grain innovators. We tailor products for different applications and lines and have a production apparatus that allows smaller batches and the ability to mill each variety separately. In the original mill, we focus on flours of all kinds. In the oat mill, we process oats for consumers and industry. Over the years, we have developed unique technologies that have resulted in sustainable products with in-demand properties.

Sustainability is quality

It is no coincidence that Skåne-möllan is located in the middle of a high-producing grain area, surrounded by Skåne’s most fertile arable land. One of the cornerstones is not to be dependent on boat transports with imported grain, but instead to capture and refine the raw materials near the place where they are grown. Even today, 90% of the grain that Skåne-möllan processes comes from contract farmers within a 100-km radius.