Sustainability is quality

Only good products

Local is sustainable. Most of our grain is therefore grown by contract farmers within a radius of 100 km. We have our own laboratory to ensure and maintain quality and are certified according to the Global Standard for Food Safety, Organic Production and KRAV.


Quality is the core of our business. Since 2004 we have been certified according to the Global standard for Food Safety (formerly BRC). This quality management system is intended to ensure that we at Skåne-möllan produce safe products. Once a year, we are audited by our certification body. Our latest certificate with A in grade can be downloaded here. The quality manager at Skåne-möllan is Christer Johnsson .



Our mill is surrounded by grain fields, which allows us to closely monitor the farmer’s production. We try primarily to have contracts with organic farmers in our local area. Since 2008, the Skåne-möllan has been certified to produce EU organic and since 2017 also for KRAV. Producing organically places great demands on being able to distinguish organically grown cereals from the conventional ones. This suits us with our flexible production really well.


To minimize the environmental impact, most of the grain is purchased from farmers in our local area. Deliveries of flour products take place with modern trucks that meet high environmental standards. In the plant, we use electricity and gas and in 2016 we switched to renewable electric power in the form of wind power. Skåne-möllan is also connected to fti, which is the industry’s solution to producer responsibility for packaging of plastic, metal, paper / cardboard and corrugated cardboard.


Code of conduct

In our Code of Conduct, we have gathered our company’s guidelines regarding working conditions, health and safety, business ethics and the environment. The Code of Conduct applies to all employees at Skåne-möllan.