Our history

As the mills in the middle of the sixties grew larger and at the same time became fewer and fewer, an idea was born at three millers in Skåne, Sweden. They wanted to create a mill that was small, efficient and with a high degree of innovation. This was contrary to the trend of the time – but would prove to be a smart move.

The first flour is delivered

The food engineer Sten Persson, the mill master Evald Nilsson and the mill worker Nils Jönsson saw the opportunity to become a flixible and responsive resource for small and medium-sized bakeries and pastry-shops. The business was started in 1972 and right from the start the three millers dared to go against the grain by using a new unique kind of silos in steel and sheet metal instead of the traditional ones in concrete. The first delivery of flour, carefully milled in the new Golfetto mill, went to Enoch’s Bakery in Båstad.

Right in time

The original idea was to work with selected, nearby grain farmers. Even today, 90% of the grain that the Skåne-möllan processes comes from contracted farmers within a 100-km radius. The idea was also to invest in innovation, development and flexibility. In this way, we could compete with the larger producers. Since the mill was started, Skåne-möllan has grown steadily and today flour, custom-made products and its own innovations are delivered to bakeries, pastry-shops and food industries.